Membership Application   click here for PDF version  

Membership Agreement Contract (FARM/RANGE ONLY)    click here for PDF version

Membership Disclosure Form (FARM/RANGE ONLY)    click here for PDF version


       Application for membership in the club is quick and easy. Simply ask at the bar for an application form or download the PDF version above. Submit the completed form and the appropriate membership fee for review

by our Executive committee.

Applicants wishing to use the farm and ranges are required to complete the MAC and MDF forms as well.

Once approved, the club will issue you a membership card and all club privileges will be available to you for as long as you are a member in good standing.

       Club Membership is renewable on a yearly basis and is due by March 31st. There is NO GRACE PERIOD. 

If the March 31st deadline is missed, you will have to re-submit a membership application for board approval again. Membership renewals are the sole responsibility of the member - reminders are not sent out.  


Membership Dues

       There are several membership options available for people with different interests.


       A single membership can be as low as $54.50 while a couple can join for $86.40. All membership packages include HST and $14.95 insurance levy. 



       Members who have an interest in making use of the Farm, including the Archery Course, Shooting Ranges and Clay Bird Range are subject to an up-charge from the ordinary Clubhouse Membership. While still being able to enjoy the full amenities of the Clubhouse, the additional fee allows upkeep and maintenance to the Farm property. All Farm Members are issued a key to allow access to the property.



      Members who wish to make use of the Restricted Range must pay the full Farm Membership plus the Restricted Range Endorsement.  

LIFE MEMBERS: (25 years +), are exempt from paying regular dues.

     However, it is still necessary for life members to pay the insurance portion ($14.95) of their dues. 

The definition of a Life Member, is one who is a member in good standing for 25 consecutive and uninterrupted years. Life Members wishing to use the Restricted Range must pay the $113.00 fee for that privilege.



Single Renewing: $54.50

Couple Renewing: $86.40

Life Members (Insurance Only): $14.95


Single Renewing: $100.00

Couple Renewing: $130.00

Restricted Range Membership: $213.00

Couple Restricted Range: $356.00

NOTE: If renewing online, keys will have to be picked up at the clubhouse.

All other required paperwork will have to be filled out at that time as well.

Membership has it's Privileges


       Members can use the clubhouse to host personal occasions such as Anniversaries or Birthday parties. If your event is large enough that your house just won't do, leave the work and worries to us. You can decorate to suit your needs and have it catered, bring your own food or ask us to look after it for you. All you really need is your guests to help you celebrate.

       Events must be submitted to the Executive Committee for review and approval well in advance, and must be accompanied by an Application to Hold a Function available at the bar. A rental fee of $100.00 + $50.00 damage/custodial fee must be paid at the time of application. Damage/custodial fee is refundable unless damage occurs or excessive cleanup is required.

Farm Membership Dues

       Annual dues for a Farm Membership is $100.00 per single member.

Farm Membership for couples is $130.00. ( To qualify for a couples membership, both members must live under the same roof ie. husband and wife - parents and children do not qualify for a couples membership.

Example - Fathers and sons, while living under the same roof, will not be considered a couple).

This price includes the annual membership, taxes, insurance and gate key for access to the property.

A new membership card for Farm Memberships will be issued that are designed to be easily distinguishable for Farm use.

Restricted Range Membership Endorsement


     Annual dues for a Restricted Range Endorsement is comprised of the regular farm Membership of $100.00 plus the supplemental fee of $113.00 per member. 


Example: Single Farm Membership of $100.00 + Restricted Range use of $113.00 = $213.00 total or

                 Couple Farm Membership of $130.00 + Restricted Range use of $226.00 = $356.00 for both

Price includes the annual membership, taxes, insurance and gate key for access to the property.

A Restricted Range Membership also includes full access to all other amenities offered at the Farm property and of course use of the clubhouse. 

Life Memberships DO NOT INCLUDE the use of the Restricted Range.  

Life Members are required to buy a full restricted Membership if wanting to use the Restricted Range.

A new membership card for Restricted Range Memberships will be issued that are designed to be easily distinguishable for both Restricted and Farm use.